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Women training in BJJ

But what is it about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that is intriguing to Woman?

most real world fights end up on the ground , and with no rules or referees on the street, Jiu Jitsu is battle tested and competition approved to survive an attack in such real world conditions.  Modern day Jiu Jitsu has evolved to make the smaller person survive an attack by a larger opponent

Woman training BJJ

BJJ for Woman

It has also gotten popular due to the fact that it gives women a sense of empowerment, it gives a sense of confidence to neutralize an attack by a man or woman trying to do damage.

Aside from the obvious self defense aspect of Jiu Jitsu, training for a woman can also be beneficial in the health benefits. Because Jiu Jitsu focuses on technique and not brute force, women can expect to not gain bulky muscles, but can expect to have their muscles toned, due to the grabbing and gripping of the Kimono.  Another health benefit of training Jiu Jitsu, is the weight loss side of it. Because Jiu Jitsu training has what is known as ” live rolling ” or performing techniques on a fully resistant opponent at a live simulation of grappling.

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