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CNN: Fighting back against bullies

(CNN) – Is it a smart idea to teach your child how to stand up to a Bully? What happens when your child continues to be a target and the Bully won’t back down? Some parents are turning to Martial Arts.

A new course called “Bullyproof” teaches children how to thwart an attack using Jiu-Jitsu techniques. The course, teaches the three T’s: Talk your way out. Tell an adult. And, as the last resort, and only when attacked, Tackle the bully. Then, if the person attacks you physically, grab him in a bear hug and take him down to pin and safely hold until rescue comes. The aim is to provide self-confidence and the physical skills for self-defense. Different age groups are taught different techniques.

In the Jr. Grapplers classes the 15 essential techniques they must know in order to defend themselves if attacked. The techniques are all non-violent control tactics designed to minimize injury to the bully if used during a real fight. To keep it fun, brothers Rener and Ryron Gracie advocate positive reinforcement as opposed to nit-picking details – participation, not perfection.

We head to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu headquarters in Torrance, California to observe the class, talk to the instructors who created the program, find out why parents choose to enroll their children, and we talk to the kids about bullying and what the class has meant to them.

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